FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Special Events

What is the New Year's Eve Celebration?

Our 2018 New Year's Eve Celebration is an evening event that rings in the New Year New York city style (at 9pm Pacific or 12am Eastern Standard Time), inclusive of all groups. Includes a celebratory champagne toast, food, drinks, and a raffle full of generous prizes – all at the gorgeous Pasadena Hilton Hotel. All range of dress attire is acceptable including dresses and suits. A participant's Sunday best attire is acceptable.

What should I wear?

All events except for the New Year's Eve Celebration are casual attire. Jeans are acceptable.

Where do all the events take place?

The Floragraph Breakfast, Float Rider & Walker Dinner, and New Year's Eve Celebration all take place in the Pasadena Hilton Hotel. The only events that require transportation are those that take place at the Rose Bowl Stadium at the Paradiso Tent and the Rose Bowl game. Information on Parade Week Timelines, specific event times, and shuttle schedules are available on our 2018 Program page.

How do we know where and when to be at a certain event?

All float participants receive an individual itinerary outlining all their event participation with full details of location and timing in late October 2017. They also receive a Parade Week Timeline outlining all events and shuttle schedules.

When and how can I order event tickets?

Please wait until further information is released. Please contact Kathleen Hostert at khostert@onelegacy.org or 714-264-5030.

Float Decorating

When can I sign up for float decorating?

Sponsors have slots reserved based on their sponsorship package. If you would like to be a decorating sponsor, please contact Rami Jandali at roseparade@onelegacyfoundation.org. Otherwise, the portal to register for float decorating slots opens in October.

Will there be food and drink at float decorating?

Based on the logistics provided by the Tournament of Roses, we are not able to guarantee meals for our decorators. Light snacks and drinks are allowed outside of the actual decorating area. Otherwise, NO FOOD OR DRINK are allowed in the Paradiso Tent.

What do I wear to my decorating shift?

Layered, old and warm clothing is most appropriate for decorating. If you will be climbing scaffolding, consider the flexibility your clothing allows and whether it could get easily snagged. Night shifts can get VERY cold.

  • TEAM SHIRTS: When you register for your shift you will be provided a cotton Donate Life Rose Parade T-shirt. We request that you wear this shirt (over long-sleeved garments as necessary) during your shift as it unifies our crew and sends a strong message when media are filming. It also easily identifies you as a Donate Life volunteer.

  • OTHER TOPS: Because of the work environment, we recommend that you wear a long-sleeved shirt that can be worn under your T-shirt, or can be taken off to cool down. If you are easily chilled or are working a night shift, bring a heavier sweatshirt, pullover or jacket; even gloves, scarves and hats may be appropriate.

  • HATS: Long hair should be tied back. You may wish to bring a baseball cap to keep your hair out of your face.

  • SHOES: Tennis shows must be worn by all decorators. NO UGGS are allowed and for safety reasons boots are not allowed.

  • PURSES: Instead of carrying purses, consider placing valuables in a fanny pack that can be kept with you at all times. We are not able to hold personal items for you. We do not have a secure area to keep valuables.

  • CAMERAS: Don't forget to bring one! Small digital cameras can fit neatly into a fanny pack.

What's the minimum age for decorators?

Due to insurance requirements at Paradiso Parade Floats and the need to show proof of age, all volunteer decorators must be at least 15 years old. Teenage volunteers may be asked to show a high school student identification card or driver's license as proof of age.

How are participants selected?