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2017 DLRP Rendering


Date Headline
1/2/2017 Local boy honored during Rose Bowl parade
1/2/2017 Rose Bowl Parade Macias
1/2/2017 East Texas organ donor honored on rose parade float
12/31/2016 Other ways to save lives
12/27/2016 Organ donors live on in Rose Parade float
12/24/2016 Woman’s life purpose to help others continues by saving lives as organ donor
12/24/2016 Rose Parade Donate Life Float will feature El Pasoan
12/23/2016 El Paso organ donor to be honored at Rose Parade
12/21/2016 2 Geneseo families, 1 Rose Parade float
12/19/2016 2017 Rose Parade Participants Will Be “Teammates in Life” Aboard the 14th Annual Donate Life Rose Parade® Float
12/16/2016 Athlete burned in firestorm visits N.J. to thank tissue donors
12/16/2016 New Jersey Tissue Bank plays key role in global tissue donation network
12/15/2016 Diné organ donor saves 5 lives, gives sight to 2
12/11/2016 Odessan selected for Rose Bowl Parade
12/8/16 Odessa cancer survivor to be honored this New Year’s Day
12/8/16 Zapotocky at UT Southwestern
12/7/2016 Organ donor honored at hospital ceremony
12/7/2016 Organ donor to be honored during Rose Parade in Calif.
12/6/2016 Tree Lighting Ceremony at the Evansville Civic Center
12/6/2016 Because of Jacob McCollum, five people have a 2nd chance at life
12/6/2016 Newark toddler lives on in children who needed second chance
12/6/2016 LifeShare Unveils Oklahoma 2017 Rose Parade Honoree
12/6/2016 Upstate Teen Organ Donor Saves at Least 5
12/4/2016 Oklahoma City Woman to be Featured on Donate Life Float
12/3/2016 Donate Life Rose Parade
12/3/2016 State donor network honors Wabash woman
12/2/2016 Edmond Man to be Featured on Donate Life Float
12/2/2016 Johnson County Sheriff Detective Cochran to be honored in Rose Parade
12/2/2016 Liver transplant recipient pays tribute to donor at Rose Parade
12/2/2016 Upstate Teen Killed in Dirt Bike Crash to be Honored at Ceremony for Donating Organs
12/2/2016 Presbyterian Hospital honors organ donors, transplant families in ceremony
12/2/2016 ArkLaTex Organ Donor to have Portrait on Rose Bowl Float
12/2/2016 Presbyterian Hospital Honors Organ Donors, Transplant Families in Ceremony
12/1/2016 Rose Parade’s Donate Life to feature local family
12/1/2016 Parade Float Turns 9-Year-Old’s Death Into a Call for Organ Donation
12/1/2016 The heart goes on: Remembering Josh Braswell and his gifts of life
12/1/2016 Rose Parade’s Donate Life to Feature Local Family
11/30/2016 Driscoll Children’s Hospital Honors Organ Donation
11/30/2016 Ourania’s Legacy: Binghamton Newborn to Be Honored in Rose Parade
11/30/2016 Driscoll Children’s Hospital honors organ donation
11/30/2016 Infant Organ Donors Legacy Lives On
11/22/2016 Organ donor honored during ceremony at Memorial Hospital
11/22/2016 Alto HS junior who died last year to be honored at Rose Parade
11/20/2016 Parents will be on Rose Parade Float in Honor of Organ Donor Son
11/19/2016 Newark toddler’s gift of life will be honored in Rose Parade
11/17/2016 Essex County Infant Saves 3 Lives: N.J. Organ Donation
11/17/2016 Toddler who gave gift of life from New Jersey to be honored in Rose Parade
11/17/2016 Fallen Heroes to be Honored on the Donate Life Float in the Rose Parade®
11/17/2016 Portrait of Fresno Boy to be on Rose Parade Float
11/17/2016 Essex County Infant Saves 3 Lives: N.J. Organ Donation
11/15/2016 Sparta youth to be remembered in Rose Parade
11/15/2016 Indiana organ donors to be honored at Tournament of Roses Parade
11/15/2016 The Bittersweet Feeling of Being an Organ Recipient
11/14/2016 Two Hoosiers will be in the Tournament of Roses Parade
11/14/2016 Organ donor honored
11/4/2016 Late soldier’s portrait will join 2017 Rose Parade
11/4/2016 NASCAR supports organ donation
11/3/2016 Rose Parade float honors Iraq War vet
9/15/16 Organ recipients meet donor’s family in emotional reunion
9/15/16 Gift of Life: Four Organ Recipients Meet the Family of Their Donor
7/23/2016 Two judges, best friends, bonded by gift of life
5/3/16 2017 Donate Life Float Depicts Spectacular Polynesian Catamaran, Celebrates Organ Donors and Recipients as “Teammates In Life”