Float Sponsors

Information about becoming a Donate Life Float Sponsor

“It will represent the best of us.”

Rick Reilly, ESPN.com
An 11-time National Sportswriter of the Year reporting on the Donate Life float


The Donate Life Rose Parade Float Committee is proud to share our new, strategic approach which includes the following:

  • All-inclusive packages with bonuses and which assure a certain number of hotel rooms, event tickets, and activities (opportunities to purchase additional hotel and event tickets, if available, will be offered in August).
  • Breathtaking float design that captures the heart of our mission from our new builder, the consistently award-winning Paradiso Parade Floats.
  • Robust, tailored media plans that highlight powerful local stories of donation and sponsorship designed to reach millions across the nation and include tracking tools that demonstrate an even greater ROI.
  • The gorgeous Pasadena Hilton Hotel will exclusively house the Donate Life Rose Parade program participants, sponsors and events for a more intimate, convenient and classy affair.
  • A revived evening event that rings in the New Year, inclusive of all groups, offers celebratory champagne toasts and a raffle full of generous prizes – all at no additional cost in the same hotel as your stay.
  • Considerate sponsorship support with improved payment terms for more efficient accounting and response time.
  • Online tools that simplify the multiple booking processes and deliver confirmations for all reservations electronically, including sponsorship, hotels, events, float decorating, rose dedications and more.
  • A Welcome Lounge with trained staff and mobile-friendly online tools available via our new website to field questions and special requests year round.
  • Online photo galleries to commemorate the event with participants and sponsors to be posted on New Year’s Day across multi-media channels for maximum exposure.
  • Guaranteed engagement with families of donation captured and shared in priceless photo moments across the nation.
  • A better schedule that allows for greater flexibility and attendance of all events.
  • A la carte options:  We are pleased to offer special consideration for those in need of an arrangement during this year as we transition for greater success.  Please reach out to us with questions about your past or future participation.
  • Multiple, shorter Float Decorating shifts that allow for greater participation and more time to enjoy our other events and beautiful Pasadena

In short, the Donate Life Rose Parade Float Committee has moved in a bold new direction…new designer, new sponsorship packages, new events…to assure the best possible experience for our sponsors, participants, guests, to assure the best possible image and media support to get our inspiring donation message to the world.