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Tissue Donor
Age 16 ~ Baltimore, MD
Date of Donation: 11/5/07
John Hopkins Hospital

Honored by Living Legacy Foundation of Maryland

On November 5, 2007, Tarrence Maurice Regan-Mitchell was only 16 years old when his life was suddenly taken away from him by two gun shots – one to the head and one to his heart.

According to his mother, Tamala Kim Ragan, Tarrence was a loving and giving individual. He always wanted to share his toys, school supplies, clothes, friendship, love and food. Tarrence loved life, always wanting to explore something new and exciting with family and friends.

At 13 years old, Tarrence and his mother joined the organization “Zero Murder Rate Movement;” the same year he was inducted into the Art Gift and Talent Honor Society. A Boy Scout since the age of eight, at 14 he had completed his entire community service requirement for school (75 hours) and earned nearly 195 hours before entering high school.

Tarrence received his Maryland ID card on March 3, 2007. When the clerk asked him if he would he like to be an organ donor, he said to the women, “Sure. Life is a gift.”

During the summer of 2007, Tarrence worked for YouthWorks, a program that gives Baltimore City youth the opportunity to explore careers and better understand the value of education. That fall, he worked two part-time jobs while attending classes as he tried to earn enough money to buy his own car.

“Tarrence’s legacy didn’t stop when he died. Being a donor was just the beginning,” said Tamala. “It was my mother who first initiated organ donation in our family. She donated her husband’s eyes and when she was told a young boy could see because of the gift, she cried and said, ‘He still lives.’ When Tarrence passed away, I did not hesitate to say ‘yes’ to donation. I feel and see my son every day knowing he gave the gift of life to someone else.”