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Organ, Eye and Tissue Donor
Age 13 ~ Pittsburg, KS
Date of Donation: 7/16/09
Mt. Carmel Regional Medical Center

Honored by Midwest Transplant Network

Teresa LeAnnKemp was a teacher who coached volleyball and track and field at a school she loved. She had a passion for teaching and brought energy and enthusiasm every day to her school district. Teresa continued her education to earn both masters and education specialist degrees.

Her daughter, Taylor Charlotte Kemp, was an honor student who participated in cheerleading, volleyball, basketball, and track and field, and also played the clarinet and violin and sang in the school choir. One of Taylor’s last acts of giving was volunteering her time to assist in the Vacation Bible School program at church.

The lives of Teresa, 41, and Taylor, 13, were taken in a tragic car accident in July 2009. When the family was presented with the choice of organ donation, their decision was based on Teresa’s indication on her driver’s license, as well as discussions held within their family prior to the accident. Teresa’s and Taylor’s kind and generous spirits live on in more than 60 people who have been touched by their donations of life.

On July 30, the Teresa and Taylor Kemp Memorial Fund was established to fund projects that will directly benefit their hometown Riverton School District. More than 600 Donate Life wristbands have been distributed throughout the community reminding others of the potential of the gift of life.

“Our town and surrounding areas were deeply affected by the loss of Teresa and Taylor,” said husband and father John Kemp. “Many people in our community have been influenced by this experience to become organ donors. Once again, the giving spirit of Teresa and Taylor lives on.”