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Organ Donor
Age 20 ~ Chino, CA
Date of Donation: 7/20/05
Pomona Valley Medical Center

Honored by St. Vincent Medical Center

Steven Andrew Alvarez, 20, the youngest of three children in the Alvarez family, was involved in a tragic car accident on July 17, 2005. He passed away four days later from head trauma.

“Once we knew Steven wasn't going to live, we were asked if we would consider organ donation,” said his mother, Rosa Lopez. “I had never really thought about it, but at this crucial time, I realized that Steven would have totally been for it, as his personality was very giving. So we decided that we would donate Stevens' organs. He was such a giving person and so outgoing in nature that it actually ended up being a simple ‘yes’ and I have never regretted it.”

To honor his donation, Steven’s Aunt Lazette wrote:

    One final gift is what you leave behind.
    The gift of life to extend the time.
    The time for a stranger you would never meet.

With his kidneys, heart and liver, Steven saved the lives of four people. ”We feel blessed that these people are recipients,” Rosa affirmed.