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Organ and Eye Donor
Age 22 ~ Lafayette, LA
Date of Donation: 11/16/06
Heart Hospital of Lafayette

Honored by Louisiana Organ Procurement Agency

In fourth grade, Lee John Davis organized a paper recycling drive at his elementary school. From then on, he made every effort he could to improve the environment through recycling. Lee John participated in the annual Earth Day event, he made sure his home recycle bins were filled each week, and he transformed unused items into objects of art.

At age 16, Lee John placed a red “Donor” heart on his driver’s license. He referred to organ donation as “going green” and considered donation another way to recycle. Lee John’s decision to be an organ donor was his own and he often encouraged others to consider doing the same.

Lee John was a college student and hoped to earn a degree in history. He had a great passion for music, football, laughter, and cooking.

Sadly, at the age of 22, Lee John’s “Donor” pledge became a reality with the donation of his liver and his beautiful green eyes. This life giving extension reflected Lee John’s love and respect for humanity.

In memory of Lee John, a history scholarship is endowed in his name. In keeping with his compassion for life, his family members volunteer and participate in the Louisiana Organ Procurement Agency’s (LOPA) annual 5K and golf tournament.

“There is no greater legacy than being known as someone who helps others,” affirmed his family. “Lee John possessed this heartfelt quality and shared it with all that knew him."