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Organ, Eye and Tissue Donor
Age 17 ~ Weston, FL
Date of Donation: 5/13/02
Broward General Medical Center

Honored by Life Alliance Organ Recovery Agency

On May 12, 2002, 17-year-old Kyle Whitworth suffered a brain aneurysm while driving. His truck hit a tree, and he was seriously injured.

Kyle had never discussed organ donation with his family, but when the issue arose at the hospital, they felt that Kyle would have wanted to help others. So the Whitworth family donated Kyle’s organs, tissue and corneas. This action was a continuation of Kyle's giving spirit.

“The case worker from Life Alliance played a critical role in helping us make this decision. Our donor family support representative continued to contact us regularly after the donation/transplantation and provided the support and empathy we needed at that time.”

Shortly after the donation, the Whitworths began to volunteer at Life Alliance functions and community events to inspire others to be organ donors. Additionally, Kyle's father Steve created a workplace partnership between Life Alliance and Steve's employer, Florida Power & Light, to continue sharing information about organ donation with his fellow employees. He also invites the Florida Driver's License Bureau to these functions to increase donor registry enrollment through driver’s license renewals.

“Getting involved with Life Alliance has contributed to us finding something positive out of this tragedy,” said Steve. “We have been fortunate to meet two of Kyle's organ recipients, which has again reinforced our belief that we made the right decision in choosing donation and helping others to live. We feel Kyle's spirit lives on. He is still with us each day and will never be forgotten. We will continue our efforts to broaden the awareness of organ donation and thank Life Alliance for their ongoing support and involvement in our lives.”