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Organ, Eye and Tissue Donor
Age 64 ~ Honolulu, HI
Date of Donation: 4/26/09
Kaiser-Permanente Honolulu

Honored by Organ Donor Center of Hawaii
through a grant from the
Donate Life Float Committee

Ku’uleialoha Sandra Patton started her hula career at age six by taking her first lesson at a summer program for schoolchildren. She received her hula 'uniki (graduation) to become a kumu hula (teacher) in 1972 and continued dancing and teaching hula for the rest of her life. She danced from Japan to Germany. Now, Ku’uleialoha is dancing in heaven.

In 1979, Ku’uleialoha was a member of the first wahine (women’s) canoe team to paddle the Molokai Channel. In 1980, she was a Pa’u rider in the annual Aloha Week parade.

In 2004, Ku’uleialoha achieved one of her proudest accomplishments when she received her Doctor of Divinity degree. She used her knowledge and talent of hula to spread the word of the Lord and was been a blessing to many people.

On April 26, 2009, 64-year-old Ku’uleialoha left behind a devoted family, her husband Donald, her daughter Kuuleialoha, son-in-law Nathan, granddaughters Alohimakaonalani and Ho’onani’ikamakuamau’okalani, brothers Ernest, Mala, Samuel, Kent, Kenny and Joe.