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Eye Donor
Age 5 ~ San Antonio, TX
Date of Donation: 1/7/05
at Methodist Hospital

Honored by San Antonio Eye Bank
through a grant from
Donate Life Float Committee

Jaslynn Faith had the biggest brown eyes and most contagious smile. She loved life and to make her big brother, Gibby, laugh. She loved Cinderella, Bratz dolls, and her favorite superhero was Spiderman. She would always say that when she grew up, she was going to marry Spiderman.

One month after her fourth birthday Jaslynn was diagnosed with brain cancer. She went through a year-and-a-half of chemo and radiation treatments, and not once did Jaslynn ever complain. Unfortunately nothing was able to cure her brain tumor. After Jaslynn passed away on January 7, 2005, her family donated her eyes.

“Knowing that Jaslynn helped someone to see has been very comforting,” said her mother, Hope Sepulveda. “Her memory will forever live on in those that loved her and those that she helped.”