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Organ Donor
Age 6 months ~ Centerville, OH
Date of Donation: 8/9/09
Dayton Children's Medical Center

Honored by Life Connection of Ohio

Isaiah Jerome Jones was born on January 14, 2009. For almost seven months, Isaiah was a beacon of light to his parents, Leighann and Tim. One day, shortly after being placed down for a nap, Isaiah was found not breathing. Three days later, he was declared brain dead. Tim and Leighann decided that they would share with others the happiness that Isaiah gave to his family. They wanted his light to shine even after his death and felt that organ donation was the best thing that they could do to commemorate Isaiah’s short six-month life.

After so much sorrow and many tears, Leighann said to her husband, "Come on. Now let’s go save some babies." Determined to allow her son to give the most precious gift to other children – the gift of life – she hoped Isaiah’s organs would spare another family from enduring the loss of a child. In fact, the lives of two families have been forever changed as Isaiah’s gifts of life gave a second chance to a seven-month old girl who received Isaiah’s heart and a two-year old boy who received Isaiah’s abdominal organs.

It brings Leighann and Tim great comfort to know that Isaiah saved the lives of two children. As Donate Life Ambassadors with Life Connection of Ohio, they look forward to sharing Isaiah’s story with their community, to honor Isaiah’s life and encourage others to save lives by becoming organ and tissue donors.