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Organ, Eye and Tissue Donor
Age 28 ~ Portland, OR
Date of Donation: 9/23/03
Legacy Emanuel Hospital & Health Center

Honored by
Mendez National Institute of Transplantation
in partnership with
Pacific Northwest Transplant Bank
and Donate Life Northwest

Bradley Jordan, Jr. loved people, especially his nieces and nephews, and was always looking to help. He was the caregiver for his sister and brother-in-law’s eight children. He knew their teachers, what they liked and didn’t like, made sure they did what their parents expected of them and did not let them slide on anything.

Bradley’s friends were people from all walks of life – from business owners to homeless people whom he let sleep in a shed in the backyard. Bradley also was a prankster, gluing his grandmother’s favorite coffee cup to the kitchen counter and putting Nair on his brother’s legs while he was sleeping.

On September 19, 2003, 28-year old Bradley was a passenger in a rollover accident and was ejected from the car. His seat belt was on, but he had the seat reclined. He passed away from severe head trauma a few days later, surrounded by family and friends.

“When it became apparent that we needed to make a decision about donation, we answered the questions and were impressed with the requestor’s sensitivity,” said his mother, Linda. “Growing up, Bradley became very interested in organ, tissue and eye donation. At age 14, he insisted on having a California ID so he had proof he wanted to be a donor. He also made sure his friends and family knew his wishes.”

For Linda, knowing that Bradley wanted to be a donor, and that he would have been proud to know he helped people, made a tragic situation better. Four men were saved through his organ donation. Each one shared some interest Bradley also enjoyed; his liver recipient in McMinnville, Oregon, is learning to scuba dive, which was on Bradley’s to-do list. And Bradley would have loved that his recipients are getting to spend time with their children.

“The entire ICU trauma staff at the hospital was outstanding. Pacific Northwest Transplant Bank answered our questions about organ, tissue and eye donation, and have provided support and made it possible for us to meet Bradley’s organ recipients and see how their lives are flourishing,” said Linda. "Donate Life Northwest continues to give us opportunities to share what donor families go through and the good that results from donation.”