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Organ Donor
Age 18 ~ Redding, CA
Date of Donation: 2/18/08
Mercy Medical Center

Honored by Golden State Donor Services

Brandon Anthony Brown was the type of guy that no one could forget. His charisma, goofiness, devotion, and love were unmatchable. The youngest of four children, Brandon was the light of his family. He was an encouragement and supporter to his friends, a comedian, a huge Los Angeles Lakers fan, and a great lover of music.

Brandon was a courtesy clerk at a local grocery store, and when he changed to a different grocer across town, several of his customers followed so that he would still be the one to help them to their car. He was known to be found singing in the aisles as he restocked merchandise or as he loaded groceries into his customers’ cars.

Eighteen-year-old Brandon was a senior at Foothill High School in Palo Cedro, CA, just outside of Redding. He had landed a role in the school’s annual dinner theatre and dance production, Club Cougar. On February 18, 2008, midway through the production’s two-week run, Brandon attended a cast party at a friend’s house. Unfortunately, he did not make it home that evening and was critically injured in an auto accident just seconds from leaving the driveway. He died shortly after and donated seven organs to five people.

Nearly 600 people attended his memorial service. “Brandon had the keen ability to make someone laugh when they were sad and provide comfort without saying a word,” said his sister, Autumn Brown. “In the days and weeks that followed his death, every student I spoke with described him as their best friend. While I have just two best friends, Brandon had dozens. When you spoke with Brandon it was as though you were the only person in the world that mattered to him – and that is because you were.

“My brother will forever live on…not only in the memories of the people he knew, but in the lives he has touched through his donation,” summed up Autumn. And she, too, was forever changed by his donation as she now serves on the staff at Golden State Donor Services, the organ recovery agency serving the Sacramento metro area.